Code in Java

Multi-objective local search: algorithms and analysis

The source code of the algorithms and their data of two articles published in Journal of Heuristics, Springer in 2012 and 2018 and GECCO´13.
Madalina M. Drugan: Scaling-up many-objective combinatorial optimization with Cartesian products of scalarization functions.J. Heuristics24(2): 135-172 (2018) Madalina M. Drugan:Cartesian product of scalarization functions for many-objective QAP instances with correlated flow matrices.GECCO2013: 527-534 (2013)Madalina M. Drugan, :Stochastic Pareto local search: Pareto neighbourhood exploration and perturbation strategies.J. Heuristics18(5): 727-766 (2012) The code is currently published in Currently, we develop an another version of the software.
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